These are some of the ancillary resources related to apithology research fields:

PhD Dissertations:

“Abductive Theory for Thought-Ecologies: Depicting Systems of Conceptions” Doctoral Dissertation, PhD Degree, Murdoch University, Murdoch, Australia (2012)

Masters Thesis:

“Developmental Theory on Generative Learning Dynamics: Metanoia, Paranoia and Hysteria in Creating the Learning Organization” Masters Thesis, MLM Program, Curtin University, Perth, Australia (2001)

Book Chapters:

“Principles-Based Governance of Large Water Utility” Management Models for the Future, Co-Authored with Humphries, B., Pettit, N, Reilly, N. Kinnell, R., (Ed. Jan Jonker, Jacob Eskildsen), Springer-Verlag, Berlin (p. 119-130) (2009)