A collection of previously published manuscripts informed by, preliminary versions of, or relating to apithology research:

“Integrated Approaches to Sustainability Assessment: An Alignment of Ends and Means” Paper presented at the 24th Annual Meeting and Conference of the International Association for Impact Assessment , Vancouver, Canada (2004)

“Transforming Sustainability: An Integral Leaders Sustainability Framework” Paper presented to the 6th Spirituality, Leadership and Management Conference, Melbourne, Australia (2004)

“Sustainable Business Excellence: A Dynamic Equilibrium Framework” Paper presented to the 4th International Conference of the Multi-National Alliance for the Advancement of Organizational Excellence, Melbourne, Australia (2003)

“Peer Coaching: A Practical Model to Support Constructivist Learning Methodology in the Development of Managerial Competency” Joint paper presented to the 1st International Evidenced Based Coaching Conference, University of Sydney, School of Psychology, Sydney, Australia (2003)        

“Solutions Looking For Problems” Reflections in Excellence (Vol.2, No.3) published by Forsyth Consulting Group, Perth, Australia (2002).